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Eggdrop RacBot 3.28 for UNIX

Released: 26th February 2007. Release Notes

Size: 853,422 Bytes (834 KB)

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  1. Untar the compressed tar file using tar -xzf <racbot.tar.gz>. (If your system does not have a tar command that can uncompress files then use gunzip <racbot.tar.gz> then tar -xf <racbot.tar>
  2. Follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt. (You will find it in the racbot-<version> subdirectory).

You can upgrade from a previous release of Eggdrop RacBot by downloading the new release from above and installing the new version in the same directory as the old version. Your configuration will not be lost (as long as your configuration file is not the same name as one of the sample files).

If you are upgrading from 3.0x or earlier, it is recommended that you check or redo your Configuration file to ensure that you are using all the desired features that come with this version of Eggdrop RacBot.

To get instant notification of a new release of Eggdrop RacBot (including the list of changes) then subscribe to the Eggdrop RacBot mailing list. For details on how to subscribe, see the Support Page.

Updated Monday, 26 February 2007
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